Apply in Person

We offer a reliable, professional English-speaking service to help you easily gain your NIE number.

Already in Spain and need an NIE number?

Not sure that you want to complete all the Spanish forms or attend the Spanish authorities to obtain your NIE on your own?

We can act on your behalf to obtain your NIE once we have your Power of Attorney.  You will need to provide us with various information and complete the online form. Let us know where you are staying in Spain and we will arrange an appointment for you to visit a notary local to you to sign the relevant documentation.  Once you have signed the power of attorney we will organise collection of the documents form the notary, submit your application and obtain your nie.  We will register this on your behalf with the relevant Spanish tax office.

Alternatively, if you are in the Malaga province and would like to visit us to complete the forms in person please contact us or telephone us on +34 951 820 099.